Top 10 Best Street Legal Electric Motorcycles: Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Street Legal Electric Motorcycles Buyer's Guide

Buying your first street legal electric motorcycle can be overwhelming, and the money you spend should be totally worth it. The street legal electric motorcycles on this list offer a long-riding range, impressive power, capable charging system. And most important of all each of the motorcycles is the go-to pick in its price segment.

We will look at the premium to budget-friendly best street legal electric motorcycle options from which you can choose depending upon your budget so there is no room for buyer’s remorse.

Here are the top 10 best street legal electric motorcycles.

  1. Energica Ego
  2. Ryvid Anthem
  3. Sondors Metacycle
  4. Zero DS
  5. Ultraviolette F77
  6. Livewire S2 Del Mar
  7. Energica Experia
  8. Evoke Motorcycles Urban Classic
  9. Onyx Motorbikes RCR Dirt Kit
  10. CSC City Slicker

Realistically you would want to spend under $10,000 on an electric motorcycle or a maximum of $15,000 on a quality electric motorcycle that can take care of all your commuting or travel needs without any headaches.

So I have curated this list of the best street-legal motorcycles, which are affordable but have premium quality in terms of the battery system, riding range, ride quality, and overall performance. And each of these electric motorcycle for adults are super fun to ride.

And I have also included some super premium highly-priced electric motorcycles which you can also consider as your next potential electric motorcycle.

1. Energica Ego

Energica Ego electric motorcycle

First on the list of street legal electric motorcycles is an Italian electric motorcycle manufacturing company called Energica and their electric sports bike called Energica Ego.

Ego by Energica is a premium street legal electric motorcycle that has ridiculous performance. Ego is available in 2 trims (models), Ego+ and Ego+ Rs which have a slight difference in performance and power delivery.

Buy this motorcycle if you have enough money and want to experience a performance-oriented electric sports motorcycle. It can be used as a daily commuter but the riding and handlebar position is not optimal for long travel. 

Energica Motors also provides motorcycles like Engergica Eva Ribelle & Energica Experia that have high-performance figures, a long riding range, good battery, and an upright sitting position which is more suitable for daily commuting and long travel.

But if you want a premium track-focused electric motorcycle that can still be ridden on roads, then Energica Ego is for you.  

Energica Ego Overall Specifications & Price

Peak 169 hp (126 kW).
Sustained 147 hp (110 kW).
Torque: 222 Nm / 164 lb. ft – 1187 Nm / 875 lb. ft at wheel
Top Speed: 150 mph (241 Km/h).
EGO+ RS Version: 0-60 mph (0-100 Km/h): 2.6 sec.
EGO+ 0-60 mph (0-100 Km/h): 2.8 sec
Battery System:
Lithium polymer 21.5 kWh Max / 18.9 kWh Nominal
Charging Time:
DC Fast Charge Mode 4: 80% charge in 40 min = 250 mph (402 Km), 3 and half hours for a full charge.
Slow Charge Mode 2 or 3: 0-100 % in 3 and half hours.
Riding Range:
City: 261 miles (420 Km).
Combined: 160 miles (257 Km).
Extra-Urban: 130 miles (209 Km).
1. 4 Riding Modes: Eco, Standard, Wet, Sport.
2. 4 Regenerative Maps: Low, Medium, High, Off.
3. Back & Forth Park Assist.
4. 6 Levels Of Traction Control.
5. Cruise Control.
6. LPR Function.
$26,000-$27,000 – USD (Both Models Of Ego are Priced Within This Price Range)

2. Ryvid Anthem


Ryvid Anthem does your daily commuting in style and comfort, and the average US citizen does a daily commuting distance of around 40 miles (64 Kilometers), slightly less commuting distance for UK/British citizens and Indian citizens.

Ryvid Anthem should be in the top pickings because of what they are offering at a budget-friendly price point.

The modern street legal electric motorcycle comes with a sleek body design and adjustable seat height feature, which is by the way comfortable and upright making this motorcycle perfect for your commuting needs.

This motorcycle is capable of fun weekend rides too. Long travels at high highway speed with a travel distance above 65 to 75 Miles (105-120 Kilometers), will discharge the battery and you will need to recharge it via a fast charger or any charging solution (L2 charging station) available near you.

If the majority of your riding is within the city and city highways and you need a quick stylish feature loaded electric motorcycle that has good power too, then go ahead and buy yourself this motorcycle because for city riding and daily commuting, Ryvid Anthem is perfect and surely a head-turner. 

Ryvid Anthem Overall Specifications & Price

Peak 13.5 kW (18 hp).
Torque: 53 ft-lb (72 N-m)
At Wheel: 250 ft-lb (338 N-m) 
Top Speed: 75+ mph (120+ km/h).
0 to 60 Mph (0-100 Km/h) in 7 to 8 seconds.
Battery System:
4.3 kWh lithium-ion battery.
Charging Time:
220V: 3 hours (Full Charge)
110V: 6 hours (Full Charge)
Riding Range:
Eco Mode: 75+ miles (120+ Km).
Sports Mode: 50+ miles (80+ Km).
1. Regen Braking.
2. Adjustable Seat Height.
3. Colored TFT Display.
4. 2 Rider Modes.
5. Phone Charging Compartment.
6. Anti-Theft Alarm Feature.
7. Removable Battery.
$7,800 USD

3. Sondors Metacycle


The Metacycle by Sondors is a perfect alternative to Ryvid Anthem for your city commuting needs at a slightly lesser price.

Sondors Metacycle is a complete street legal electric motorcycle and provides riders enough power to zip around the city with ease and comfort.

The power delivery picks up in the mid-range and with features like different ride modes, this motorcycle is more than capable to get you around the city in no time.

In metro cities like New York or Los Angeles or even London where the traffic and rush hour goes hand in hand, Sondors Metacycle’s low weight, narrow frame, and nimble riding nature will help get around the traffic and tight spaces. 

This motorcycle can go on high-speed limit highways (freeway/speedway) but it’s not optimal and the range can be its limiting factor for long travel and will need some recharging multiple times.

But for daily city commutes the Metacycle has got your back.

Sondors Metacycle Overall Specifications & Price

Peak: 14.5 kW (20 hp).
Nominal: 8kW (11 hp).
Peak Torque: 130 ft-lbs (130 Nm).
Nominal Torque: 80 ft-lbs (108 Nm). 
Sport Mode Top Speed: 80 Mph (130 Km/h).
Drive Mode Top Speed: 60 Mph (100 Km/h).
0-60 Mph (0-100 Km/h): 5 to 7 sec.
Battery System:
4kW hours Lithium-ion battery.
Charging Time:
0-80%: 2 hours.
0-100%: 4 hours.
Riding Range:
Ideal Condition: 80 Miles (128 Km).
Real World Range: 60 Miles (96 Km).
1. Wireless Key Fob (To Lock & Release The Motorcycle).
2. Anti-Theft.
3. Removable Battery
4. 2 Riding Modes
5. Wireless Phone Charging Compartment
$6,500 USD

4. Zero DS

Zero DS Electric Motorcycle

Now if you are looking for a bigger electric motorcycle that has more capabilities like off-roading & on-roading with a longer-riding ranger, ride customization options, and more power delivery then Zero DS (Dual Sport) is that big electric motorcycle you need.

Now we are diving into the above $10,000 electric motorcycle market, and Zero DS is the kind of motorcycle that can make your purchasing decision worth it.

Zero DS gives you the option to add a ZF 7.2 power tank to extend this electric motorcycle’s power delivery and riding range.

This motorcycle has enough power to maintain high highway speed and is comfortable to ride in the city too. The Cypher 2 operating system of Zero DS comes with pre-programmed Eco or Sport modes and the performance of the motorcycle can be fully customized.

Zero DS is made for city commuting and off-road rides on weekends. You can travel with comfort to neighboring towns within a distance of 45-70 Miles (75-110 Kilometers), and you might need to recharge single or double times to make a round trip.

While electric motorcycles like Ryvid Anthem & Sondors Metacycle particularly specialize in city commuting, Zero DS offers an excellent city commuting experience with the possibility to go a little beyond and do some off-road dirt trails or mini trips as Zero offers installation of top rack and saddlebags.

Zero DS Overall Specifications & Price

Peak: 46 hp (34 kW).
Peak Torque: 78 ft-lb (106 Nm).
Top Speed: 98 mph (158 km/h).
Sustained Top Speed: 72 mph (116 km/h).
Battery System:
Li-Ion 7.2 kWh max capacity /
6.3 kWh nominal.
Charging Time:
ZF 7.2 Standard: 5.2 hours (100% charged) / 4.7 hours (95% charged).
ZF 7.2 Power Tank Standard: 7.5 hours (100% charged) / 7.0 hours (95% charged).
Fast charging accessories are available as addons.
Riding Range:
ZF 7.2 (City): 82 miles (132 km).
ZF 7.2 Power Tank (City): 122 miles (196 km).
ZF 7.2 Combined: 61 miles (98 km).
ZF 7.2 Power Tank Combined: 92 miles (148 km).
1. Eco & Sports Mode.
2. Performance Customization Through App.
3. Super Fast Charging Available As Add-on Accessories.
4. Household Outlet Charging Option Available.
5. TFT Instrument Panel.
ZF 7.2 Base Model: $12,995 USD
ZF 7.2 Power Tank: $15,995 USD

5. Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette-Automotive-F77-Electric Motorcycle

So Ultraviolette Automotive is an Indian performance electric motorcycle manufacturing company and Ultraviolette F77 is one sharp mean-looking electric motorcycle.

The current price of the Ultraviolette F77 base model in India is around ₹ 3.68 Lakh, which if we convert it to US Dollars is $4,446. Ultraviolette Automotive F77 will launch this motorcycle in Europe, and North & South America very soon.

The street fighter look and premium finish of this electric motorcycle are one of a kind.

F77 is fully tech-loaded and offers multiple ride modes, a park assists feature, and various ride connectivity options you can monitor your ride and motorcycle analytics through the Ultraviolette smartphone app and more features can be seen in the table below.

For city commuting this electric motorcycle is great, the sitting and handlebar position is fairly comfortable.

The claimed IDC (Indian Driving Conditions) riding range is 308 Km (190 mi) for a recon model & 206 km (128 mi) for a standard base model.

But using the Glide riding mode you can expect 261 Km (162 mi) in the recon model & 176 Km (109 mi) in the base model.

So I can say that the F77 recon model is equipped for decent long travel if you wish to do it and can carry some luggage in panniers which can be added on to the motorcycle, and for city commuting it is hands down one of the best electric motorcycles.

Note: In the standard base model of Ultraviolette F77 panniers can be added too.

I suspect that the F77 can cost around $10,000 or even below that price on its launch in the North American market, which would make this motorcycle a top pick in performance-oriented electric motorcycles.

Here is the link to the Ultraviolette F77 website (check the roll-out calendar in the footer of the website) which announces the launch date of this electric motorcycle in the North & South American market, as well as in Europe and the Asian electric motorcycle market.

Ultraviolette F77 Overall Specifications & Price

F77 : 27 kW (36.2 hp) , 85 Nm.
F77 Recon: 29 kW (38.9 hp), 95 Nm.
F77 Limited Edition: 30.2 kW (40.5 hp), 100 Nm.
F77 Top Speed: 140 km/h (86 Mph).
F77 Recon: 147 km/h (91 Mph).
F77 Limited Edition: 152 km/h (94 Mph)
0-60 Mph (0-100 Kph): F77-8.3 sec, F77 Recon-8.0 sec, F77 LimitedEdition-7.8 sec.
Battery System:
Lithium-Ion Battery.
F77: 7.1 kWh.
F77 Recon & Limited Edition: 10.3 kWh.
Charging Time:
Standard Charger:0-100% in 5 Hours.
Boost Charger: 0-100% in 1.5-2 Hours.
Riding Range:
Range Modulates Depending On Your Riding Mode & Style.
Range (IDC est.):
F77 – 206 km (128 Miles).
F77 Recon & Limited Edition: 307 km (190 Miles).
1. 3 Levels Regen Braking.
2. 3 Riding Modes.
3. Park Assist.
4. Adjustable Suspensions.
5. Vehicle Locator, Lockdown and
6. Ride History & Ride Analytics.
7. Shock and Impact sensors for Fall and
Crash Detection.
8. Error reporting through Ultraviolette
Smartphone App.
9. Multi-function 5 TFT display with
tactile input switch console (L+R).
10. 4 Type Of Motorcycle Connectivity Options.
F77 Base Mode: 3.8 Lakh = $4,486 USD
North & South America: TBH (To be announced)
Europe: TBH.
Japan: TBH.
SE Asia: TBH.

6. Livewire S2 Del Mar

Livewire S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle

Livewire is an electric motorcycle division of Harley Davidson and the Livewire S2 Del Mar is a combination of a cruiser and roadster motorcycle in terms of looks and ergonomics.

The sturdy frame and laid-back sitting position are ideal for urban riding given the range of 110 Miles (177 Km) in the city.

The fast charging option and power are capable to maintain high highway speed and can be taken on mini trips around the city.

I could have included Harley Davidson Livewire One but the pricing is astronomical and the majority of you reading this article will have a tough time buying it.

And it makes no sense cause there are way better affordable options on this list that can do the same job (daily commuting) reliably with different ergonomic packages(sitting & handlebar position).

But even if you want to go for that bigger cruiser-type electric motorcycle then Livewire S2 Del Mar & Livewire One is the quality reliable option you should consider.

Livewire S2 Del Mar Specifications & Price

Peak: 80 hp (59.6 kW).
Torque: 184 ft-lb (249 Nm).
Top Speed: 100 Mph (160 Mph).
0-60 Mph (0-100 Kph): 3.1 sec.
Battery System:
Lithium-Ion Battery.
Suspected: 10.5 kWh.
Charging Time:
L2 20-80%: 75 Min.
Riding Range:
City: 110 Miles (177 Km).
1. L2 Charging Compatible.
2. Colored Circular Instrument Panel.
$16,999 USD

7. Energica Experia

Energica Experia Electric Motorcycle

Okay so you want to do touring on an electric motorcycle but the riding range is always a limiting factor.

Energica Experia is specially geared towards long-range touring with all the traveling essentials like top rack and side pannier add-on capability.

Forget about city commuting you can do that with ease but if you decide to go for the cross-country trip, Energica Experia is fully capable of doing that.

Experia is the only EV motorcycle in the world with the largest battery capacity of 22.5 kWh combined with fast charging option will take as little time as possible to recharge and continue your journey.

The city range of 261 miles(420 Km) and the combined range of 160 miles (256 Km) should give confidence in your touring experience.

You will have all the features like regen braking and riding modes to modulate energy expenditure.

I would say if you want a street legal electric motorcycle that can do all (city commutes, mini trips, long tours), then Engerica Experia is the only electric motorcycle in the market that can fulfill all these aspects.

Energica Experia Overall Specifications & Price

Peak: 102 hp (75kW).
Torque: 115 Nm / 85 ft lb. – 900 Nm / 664 ft lb. at wheel.
Top Speed: 180 km/h (112 mph).
0-100 km/h (0-60 mph): 3.5 sec.
Battery System:
Lithium-Polymer Battery.
Max. 22.5 kWh / Nominal 19.6 kWh.
Charging Time:
Fast Charge DCFC Level 3 Mode 4: 400 km/h or 6,7 km/min (248 miles/h or 4 miles/min).
Slow Charge Level 2 Mode 2 or 3: 63,5 km/h (39,5 miles/h).
Riding Range:
City: 420 km (261 miles).
Combined: 256 km (160 miles).
Extra-Urban: 208 km (130 miles).
WMTC: 222 km (138 miles).
1. 7 Profiles: Energica 1-4 (factory preset), Custom 1-3 (Customizable).
2. 4 Riding Modes: Eco, Urban, Rain, Sport.
3. 4 Regenerative Modes: High, Medium, Low, Off.
4. Cruise Control.
5. 6 Levels Traction Control.
7. Park Assist.
8. LPR Function.
9. Adjustable Suspensions.
10. TFT Color Display
$25,880 USD

8. Evoke Motorcycles Urban Classic


If you are interested in that old-school rugged cafe racer to look and want that in an electric motorcycle then Evoke Motorcycles Urban Classic is exactly what you should be looking for.

The Urban Classic claims to have 155 miles (250 Km) of city range under ideal riding conditions, and the performance of this electric motorcycle is capable to do high highway speeds.

This is another good quality everyday electric commuter you can buy for under $10,000. The fast charging option is available to quickly get you back on your everyday ride.

You can surely do mini trips around the city but the range can differ depending upon your riding type.

So to conclude all that, Evoke Urban Classic is another option available to you in the daily commuter segment at a budget-friendly price point.

Evoke Urban Classic Overall Specifications & Price

33hp (25 kw) and 209 Nm (149 ft-lbs) of max torque. 
Top Speed: 87 Mph (140 Km/h).
0-100 km/h (0-60 mph): 5.9 sec.
Battery System:
10.04 kWh Lithium-Polymer Battery.
Charging Time:
0-100% : 90 min = 250 Km (155 Miles) range.
Riding Range:
City: 250 Km (155 Miles).
Highway: NA
1. Digital TFT Display
2. Combined Braking System
3. 3 Riding Modes
4. Bluetooth & Wifi Connectivity
5. Evoke Motorcycles App
6. Connect/Support
7. Regen Braking
$9,899 USD

9. Onyx Motorbikes RCR Dirt Kit


So if you are really tight on a budget but want an electric motorcycle that has enough power to do city highway speeds and have enough range to do your daily commute comfortably.

The dirt kit offers knobby tires, a mudguard, and a little integrated tail rack to carry your luggage.

The multiple riding modes modulate the riding range of this motorcycle and in Eco mode, this can go up to 120 miles (193 Km).

But considering the real-world riding conditions this electric motorcycle/e-bike can easily provide 74 miles (120 Km) of riding range.

If you are looking for a motorcycle strictly for city commuting and running on a tight budget, the Onyx RCR Dirt kit  of 41AH/10A battery capacity is a reliable option go can go for.

Onyx RCR Dirt Kit Overall Specifications & Price

Peak: 5000W/6.07 hp.
Nominal: 3000W/4.02 hp.
Top Speed In Each Mode.
SPORT: 55+ Mph/88+ Km/h (Off-road use).
NORMAL: 40 Mph/64 Km/h (Off-road use).
ECONOMY: 20 Mph/32 Km/h (Urban Commute).
Battery System:
41AH/10A Lithium-Ion Battery.
Charging Time:
0-80%: 2.5 Hours.
0-100%: 4.5 hours.
Riding Range:
Eco Mode: 120 Miles / 193 Kilometers.
Normal Mode: 70 Miles / 112 Kilometers.
Sports Mode: 45 Miles / 72 Kilometers.
1. Regen Braking
2. Anti-Theft Protection System
3. 3 Speed Modes
4. LED Backlit Instrument Panel
$5,942 USD

10. CSC City Slicker


Last but not the least, we finish our best street legal electric motorcycles list with CSC City Slicker.

Now if you are searching for a reliable electric motorcycle that has decent power & performance and is priced at a super affordable price, then don’t look any further cause CSC City Slicker is that electric motorcycle under $3,000 securing the spot of one of the most (affordable) cheap street legal electric motorcycle.

I would recommend this electric motorcycle to someone who has their daily commuting distance dialed under 50-60 miles (80-96 Km).

This motorcycle is a mini package to get you to work effectively on a budget.

But keep in mind that this motorcycle is not highway-speed capable and should be used strictly for a city commute.

The removable battery features help owners to charge the battery at their workplace while they are at work, so for daily commuting, it provides just about enough range to get the job done.

CSC City Slicker Overall Specifications & Price

3.2 KW/ 4.2 hp.
Top Speed: 46 Mph / 74 Km/h.
Battery System:
72Volt 26AH Lithium-Ion Battery.
Charging Time:
0-100%: 6-8 Hours.
Riding Range:
37 miles range at 37 mph (59 Km/h).
62 miles range at 20 mph (32 Km/h).
1. Reverse Mode.
2. Regenerative Braking.
3. USB Charging Port.
4. Parking Brake Feature.
$2,795 USD

Conclusion & FAQ

So these are the best street legal electric motorcycles from budget-friendly to premium-priced options that you can choose from this list.

Electric Motorcycles with headlight, turn signals, mirrors and government mandated braking system sold for commuting or touring purposes are completely road legal.

Which electric motorcycle has the longest range?

Energica Experia is the only electric motorcycle that has a longest range of 420 km (261 miles).

Do you need a motorcycle license for an electric motorcycle in NY & Michigan?

Electric motorcycles that go above 30 mph (48 Km/h) require an M-class — or motorcycle — license.

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