Top 4 Best Ways To Tow A Motorcycle: Step By Step Process

Top 4 Methods To Tow A Motorcycle Step-By-Step Process

Towing a motorcycle requires the right equipment and tools and a process on how to do it properly. You will need to tow your motorcycle if it has a flat tire, no gas(fuel), mechanical issues or you just want to take the motorcycle to the track day for fun.

Before towing the motorcycle you will need a car or truck with a proper towing hitch setup, a couple of ratchet straps, a motorcycle loading ramp, and a wheel chock for a particular type of towing method.

These Are The Four Best Options For Towing Your Motorcycle.

  1. Motorcycle Hitch Tow Dolly.
  2. Motorcycle Hitch Carrier.
  3. Wheel Chock In The Bed Of A Truck With Ratchet Straps.
  4. Towing Trailers For Motorcycles.

Most people like to take their sports bikes or dirt bikes to the track and having a good towing system is necessary. In this article, we will talk about multiple options which are ideal for effectively towing your motorcycle with a step-by-step process on how to tow your motorcycle.

1. Motorcycle Hitch Tow Dolly

Motorcycle Hitch Tow Dolly

The first method to tow your motorcycle is using a hitch hauler also called a motorcycle hitch tow dolly. Probably one of the lightest towing equipment and also will take very less space in your garage or truck’s bed or car’s trunk.

A motorcycle hitch tow dolly(hauler) will attach to the hitch extension in the rear end of the car or truck.

It tows your motorcycle lifting only one wheel of the motorcycle while the other is on the road. While some tow dollies lift the front wheel, while others lift the rear wheel.

We will go through some product recommendations to make your life easier and spend your hard-earned money where it’s necessary.

You will find motorcycle tow dollies on eBay or Amazon for $90-$120 with a weight capacity of 800-1000 lbs (362-453 Kg).

But the problem with these tow dollies is they have a fixed tire size and do not move(pivot) left to right, which causes the motorcycle to lean awkwardly while turning, and are not safe to tow your motorcycle on highways.

If you are not towing your motorcycle on regular basis and want to use it as a backup for an emergency situation then go for the $90-$120 tow dolly/cradle from eBay, Amazon, or Walmart.

eBay & Walmart Product Links

Note: Some same tow dollies are available on amazon but are currently out of stock.

If you are regularly or on weekly basis taking your motorcycle to the track or rally and do not have a 4×4 truck to load your motorcycle into then invest in a solid tow hitch dolly from

Motorcycle hitch tow dolly from Motowus which is American based company offers tremendous solutions in their single product.

They will craft the tow hitch dolly’s wheel chock according to your motorcycle’s wheel size, make & model and have a movability function from left to ride with other functional add-ons and you can tow safely on the highway too.

Motowus Tow Hitch Dolly Product Video & Link

How To Tow Motorcycle Using Hitch Tow Dolly

  1. First, attach the tow dolly assembly to the car or truck hitch extension(receiver).
  2. Tighten all the different hinge bolts and nuts according to the product manual instructions.
  3. Lower the Tow dolly’s wheel cradle (chock) to the ground level.
  4. Now Push the motorcycle’s front or rear wheel into the wheel chock (cradle).
  5. Firmly secure it with ratchet straps to the anchor points(hooks) of the tow dolly and the motorcycle’s handle’s triple clamp
  6. Now lift the tow dolly assembly with its lifting mechanism from the ground.
  7. Finally, lock the tow dolly position in its place with the lock nut or bolt.
  8. Now drive slowly and tow responsibly to your destination.

2. Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

A motorcycle hitch carrier is another motorcycle towing/carrying product which is a great substitute for trailers as they cost way less money and space.

Keep in mind that for every towing equipment a hitch extension should be installed in your car or truck.

A hitch carrier lifts the whole motorcycle off the ground and is firmly secured with ratchet straps on a platform attached to the rear of your car or truck.

You can buy motorcycle hitch carriers depending on their weight capacity and what kind of motorcycle you are riding.

The prices of good quality hitch carriers will range from $200-$500 and can be found on,, and

Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Product Links

Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Installation Video For Guidance ( Installation process will vary a little from different company products )

How To Tow Motorcycle Using Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

  1. A motorcycle hitch carrier connects directly to the hitch extension (reciever) of the car or truck’s rear end.
  2. Tighten all the hinge bolts and nuts, which come with a product manual installation guide.
  3. All motorcycle hitch carrier comes with a mini-loading ramp which helps the motorcycle to load easily onto the platform and lock in its place.
  4. Hitch carriers come with a wheel lock mechanism (chock or cradle) where it holds the front wheel of the motorcycle firmly.
  5. Finally, use ratchet straps (tie-down straps) to secure the motorcycle in its place by tieing & tightening one end of the strap to the anchor points of the carrier and the other to the motorcycle’s handlebars or other secure parts.

3. Wheel Chock In The Bed Of A Truck With Ratchet Straps

Wheel Chock In The Bed Of A Truck With Ratchet Straps

If you have a pickup truck and want to tow or haul your motorcycle
securely, then invest in a wheel chock and foldable loading ramp.

If you are taking your beloved motorcycles to the dirt rallies or track on pretty much a regular basis then this is the safest and most secure way of doing it.

Good quality wheel chock with ratchet straps will hold the motorcycle firmly in its place by securing the straps to the anchor points in the pickup truck’s bed.

Buy wheel chock depending on the wheel size and width, compatibility of wheel sizes will be product description as always.

A foldable loading ramp will help you load and unload the motorcycle from the truck’s carriage(bed) and can be stored in the bed of the truck without taking up too much space.

Wheel Chock, Tie down straps, Motorcycle Loading Ramps Product Links

Video from Canyonchaser’s Dave will act as a video guide for the people who is loading the motorcycle onto the truck for 1st time.

How To Tow Motorcycle Using Wheel Chock In The Bed Of A Truck With Ratchet Straps

  1. First place a motorcycle wheel chock in the bed of the truck.
  2. Then place the loading ramps on the tailgate or at the end of the truck’s bed.
  3. Secure the loading ramp into its place by attaching the ratchet straps to it and the hitch extension of the truck.
  4. Now ride the motorcycle up the ramp or you can walk it by controlling the throttle and brake.
  5. Place the front wheel of the motorcycle into the wheel chock to hold the motorcycle in its place.
  6. Secure one end of ratchet straps around the handlebars or its clamp and the other end to the anchor points of the truck’s bed.
  7. Don’t tighten it ratchet straps too much till the front suspension is completely slammed, leave a little play in the suspensions.
  8. Now secure the rear wheel with the straps to the other end of the truck’s anchor points.
  9. Fold the loading ramp and place it in the bed of the truck securely.
  10. Tow or haul your motorcycle safely and securely to your destination.

4. Towing Trailers For Motorcycles

Towing Trailers For Motorcycles

I will only suggest a motorcycle towing trailer if you are towing more than one motorcycle at a time on a regular basis.

Towing trailers for motorcycles is expensive and will generally cost you above $1,000.

Motorcycle trailers will be available in multiple types where you can tow one motorcycle or 3 to 4 at the same time.

If you want to tow only one motorcycle then pick from the above options available and save your money.

Towing Trailer Product Links

How To Tow Motorcycle Using Towing Trailers

  1. Motorcycle towing trailers are expensive and pretty easy to use.
  2. Attach the trailer’s hitch to the car or truck’s hitch extension.
  3. Load the motorcycle on the trailer and lock the front wheel into the wheel chock/cradle.
  4. Secure it with ratchet straps to the motorcycle and anchor points of the towing trailer.
  5. Tow the motorcycle safely to dirt rallies, race tracks, or any destination you like.


So you can tow (haul) your motorcycle using multiple different methods such as hitch carrier, tow dolly, towing trailer, and in the bed of the truck.

Choose any towing method according to your needs and invest in good quality products for a safer towing experience.

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